Barbary Macaque Awareness and Conservation - Bouhachem visit

During the month of May, I visited a fantastic project in the northern forests of Morocco, that works for the welfare, protection and sustainability of Barbary Macaques and the needs of the local villagers who live alongside the monkeys.  The project is called BMAC (Barbary Macaque Awareness and Conservation) run by Sian Waters.  We spent an amazing day driving quietly through the forest, spotting the monkeys in their natural habitat and learning about the vital work Sian is doing to raise awareness both locally and internationally for the conservation of these very special monkeys.  I hope to visit again next Spring to run art workshops with the local children, when Sian hopes the building works on BMAC's new education and conservation centre will be completed. 

BMAC is a really small organisation and the effort and passion Sian and her team put in to making sure it keeps going is an inspiration.  By clicking below on BMAC's logo you can find out much more about their work protecting the wild macaques in the forest, rescuing and rehabilitating captured infants that are stolen for the illegal pet trade and their work with the local children and sheparding community on their Facebook and Twitter pages.  If you are inspired to do so, it is also possible to make a donation via BMAC's website, no matter how small, it will make a huge difference and allow this project to continue in it's aim of ensuring the survival of the last species of monkey that lives in all of North Africa and Europe.  

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Below is a picture of my dad and I with Sian and Ahmed and the monkey bus!  You can contact Sian if you would like to experience this special opportunity of seeing conservation in action and learn more about the Barbary Macaques.  April and May are wonderful months to visit, usually the sun is shining and the new babies are born, clinging to their parents as they clamber about the forest floor and canopy.  There are many beautiful guest houses in near-by Teotuan and Chef Chaouen where Sian will arrange for your stay and collect you for your forest excursion!


With best wishes to BMAC over the coming months and I look forwards to seeing you and the monkeys again next year with lots of canvas, brushes and art materials for a massive macaque painting project!

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 © Caroline Fulton 2011