Edinburgh Zoo Centenary Auction

This year, Edinburgh Zoo celebrated it's centenary, a fantastic milestone, RZSS have been busy organising lots of events to fundraise on this special birthday, by clicking the logo below you can read much more on the zoo's website.  In November they held a large auction to raise money for a new 21st Century Discovery Centre and their 'Wild About Scotland' native species conservation programme.  The auction raised close to £170,000 which is a wonderful achievement and I was delighted to have been able to donate a painting in support of RZSS's brilliant work which raised an amazing £700.  


Edinbugh Zoo has a long history of supporting penguin convservation and nuturing successful breeding programmes so I felt a rockhopper was an appropriate subject to paint for the auction.  The Yamana were a people that inhabited the southern most tip of Patagonia, their culture survived until the mid 20th century but sadly their unique way of life is now extinct due in part to the devastation of the gold rush and sheep ranching, however, a hundred or so rockhopper penguins still live on the islands of Tierra del Fuego.  I hope this painting reflects the fragile relationship between humans and animals, that if we can strive to respect and conserve life in all it's diversity, then we can hope to continue to protect and enjoy the abundant beauty and richness of our planet.   

Rockhopper Penguin with Yamana Masks

Rockhopper Penguin with Yamana Mask Motifs - 50x40cm - ink & watercolour 

 © Caroline Fulton 2011